How to Troubleshoot a Genie Garage Door Opener for a Light that Stays On

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Call for professional help if you did not install the Genie garage door opener yourself or if you do not have a good understanding of wiring.


Always ensure the garage door opener is disconnected from the power supply before touching the wiring.

Genie manufactures garage door mechanisms.

Genie is an American home appliance company that manufactures a range of garage door opener mechanisms. If you are experiencing problems with the interior light on your Genie garage door opener you can run through some troubleshooting steps to try and resolve common faults. If your Genie garage door light will not switch off it could be a problem with the wiring or hardware. Allow roughly 10 minutes to troubleshoot your garage door opener.

Step 1

Remove the indoor control panel from the wall and use a Philips head screwdriver to disconnect and reconnect the wiring. Make sure the opener is not plugged in before you check the wiring. A loose connection in the indoor control panel can sometimes cause problems with the interior light.

Step 2

Check the wiring elsewhere on the garage door opener. Make sure the power is properly connected and that no wires have worked loose. Faulty wiring is the most likely cause of a problem with the light. Check your installation manual for exact wiring instructions.

Step 3

Check you have installed the correct indoor wall panel. If the wall panel is incompatible with your garage door opener the light may remain on permanently. Contact your local dealer if you need to order a new indoor panel.


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