Panasonic Microwave Starts for 5-10 Seconds & Then Stops Working

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Microwaves can shut down for a number of reasons.
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Panasonic is a company that makes everything from cameras to small appliances. They produce microwaves in sizes that range from compact to family-sized, in a variety of styles that include both budget-friendly and luxury models. Like all microwaves, Panasonic ovens can malfunction. Some of the issues are easy to fix, while others require the aid of a professional.


The Door

Microwave ovens will not run if the door is not tightly sealed. If the door is even slightly ajar, the oven won't start. If the oven runs for a few seconds and then stops, it might be because the door latch came loose. Unplug the microwave and check the two latches to make sure they are not broken. Some microwave ovens also have a seal, or gasket, around the door. Check to see that this seal is not cracked or broken.

The Touchpad

In the past, most microwaves had rotating dials and knobs. Today, microwave ovens are controlled by touchpads. Although sleeker in design, they are more sensitive than knobs. A microwave that suddenly stops running may have a short in the touchpad controls. A flickering display is sometimes another symptom of this problem.


The Fan

All microwaves have a fan. This fan runs when the microwave is on to keep the magnetron and electronics cool. If the microwave starts but the fan doesn't kick on, it may stop automatically for safety reasons. Listen for the fan. If you don't hear it turn on, you likely need to have the fan motor repaired or replaced.

Air Intake Grill

Your Panasonic microwave also has an air intake grill, or vent. If it gets clogged up with dust, grease and debris, the oven will not work properly. Like with the fan, the microwave will shut itself off as a safety measure. Clean out the grill with a small brush.


Moisture Issues

Sometimes over-the-range microwaves suffer from moisture issues due to steam rising from the cooktop. In this case, the circuitry may be damaged and will need to be repaired by a professional.

Other Issues

Other things that may cause your microwave to suddenly shut down are problems with the internal fuses, circuit board issues, defective power diodes, or a malfunctioning magnetron or high-voltage capacitor. All of these require a professional to diagnose and fix the problem.



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