How to Troubleshoot a GE Profile Convection Oven

GE Profile convection microwave ovens provide the cooking power of a conventional microwave oven with the crisping effects of a traditional grill, reducing the chance of food like bread coming out hot and soggy. Troubleshooting your Profile convection microwave helps identify and resolve minor technical issues without calling for repair assistance. This is useful if you do not have insurance that covers your home appliances or if you have an expired manufacturer's warranty.

Convection microwaves often sit above a cooking range and incorporate an exhaust fan.

Step 1

Check to see if anything appears on the LCD display; a blank screen and lack of response from the controls indicates a problem with the power supply. Make sure the microwave is switched on, if possible, and ensure the circuit breaker or fuse protecting the circuit is working correctly.

Step 2

Disconnect the microwave from its power supply at the outlet, breaker or fuse and wait 30 seconds. The internal computer resets itself if there has been a power surge or software failure. Reconnect the power supply and try using the microwave again.

Step 3

Hold "Clear/Off" for three seconds if "CONTROL LOCKED" flashes on the LCD display; the child lock is currently preventing input via the controls. Enter your cooking instructions as normal and ensure the door is tightly closed -- the appliance should work normally. Hold "Clear/Off" for another three seconds to reapply the child lock.

Step 4

Tap "Clear/Off" a few times until the display shows the time. Carefully reenter your cooking instructions making sure you do not make any mistakes. Ensure you select the correct food type and only choose "Defrost" if your food is frozen. Enter a cooking time or food weight, if necessary. Accidentally leaving the oven in defrost mode stops food from cooking properly.

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