How to Locate Frigidaire A/C Model Numbers

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While many modern homes now come with a full HVAC system and forced air that supports the entire house, older homes may still rely on individual air conditioning (A/C) units to keep certain rooms at a reasonable temperature. If your air conditioner isn't working as efficiently as usual or if it seems to be broken, you can contact the manufacturer or use their website to look for troubleshooting tips and replacement parts. To do so, however, you'll need to find the serial number on the unit. In many cases, the manufacturer uses the serial number to communicate information about the unit as well.


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Frigidaire Air Conditioner Types

Frigidaire offers a variety of air conditioners to suit different needs. Window-mounted units are probably the most common: These units sit in an open window so heat and condensation can be expelled outside the home and provide cooling to one or more rooms based on their size. Window-mounted air conditioners aren't a permanent installation, so if you need to move the unit to a different room, you can easily do so as long as it fits the window.


Built-in air conditioners are actually built into the walls of a room with the required ventilation built into the space behind the wall. This leaves the windows free and can create a tighter seal than a window unit, which helps improve efficiency. However, having the unit built into the wall means it's a more permanent installation, so this is best for rooms that are used often and aren't expected to change for a number of years.


Other Types of Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are a relatively new concept. These are small, capsule-like air conditioners that work to cool, clean and sometimes dehumidify the air in a room. They're very easily moved from room to room for transportable comfort.

These units usually have an exhaust hose for the waste heat, which is expelled out a window, but these exhaust hoses are smaller than a window unit's and usually more manageable. The convenience of these air conditioners has made them more popular recently, especially smart models that can be programmed to cool only at night for energy conservation.


Locating Frigidaire A/C Model Numbers

The model number for a Frigidaire air conditioning unit is typically located on the right side of the unit. There's usually a plate mounted on the top or side of the unit that contains information about it. Your unit might have a model number (which tells you what kind of air conditioner you have) and a serial number (which identifies your specific unit), so make sure you write both down separately for future use.


There's additional information that can be determined from the model and serial numbers. For example, the serial number usually indicates the date of production of that particular unit. Depending on the format of the serial number on your unit, you should be able to determine the year and month that your unit was manufactured. This can help you figure out when maintenance is needed for your air conditioner, as well as giving you an idea of how much useful life the appliance has left. Some models also include a code for where the unit was manufactured, with different plants represented by different alphabetic codes.

Once you have the model number and serial number, you can use the Frigidaire website to find relevant information about your model, including the manufacturer's manuals and instructions, which can help you troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your unit.