How to Disconnect the Seat Safety Switch on John Deere Riding Mowers

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John Deere riding mowers come equipped with seat safety switches located directly under the operator's seat. When the operator stands, an electrical circuit is broken, and the mower cannot be placed into gear. If the operator attempts to put the lawn tractor into gear while not seated, the John Deere mower will shut off automatically. You can disable the switch as needed.

Step 1

Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition.


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Step 2

Tilt up the seat on your mower and allow the engine to cool, if it was recently run.

Step 3

Locate the safety switch on the bottom of the operator's seat. It will be a plastic wire harness attached to the underside of the seat with two wires running from it to the engine.


Step 4

Cut each wire with wire cutters and hold the wires in your hand. Don't let go of the wires and allow them to drop down into the mower.

Step 5

Strip the ends of each wire with wire strippers, then twist the ends of the two wires together tightly.

Step 6

Twist a wire nut over the two intertwined wires, then wrap the wire nut and the ends of the wires in electrical tape to hold the wire nut in place. Lower the seat on your John Deere riding mower and operate as normal.



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