How to Start Toro Lawn Mowers

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Toro manufactures different tools and machines to help you maintain your lawn and garden. Among the tools are push and riding lawn mowers. In order to operate the lawn mowers, you need to follow the proper starting procedure. Failure to follow the proper starting procedure will prevent the mowers from running. Though Toro makes several different models of push and riding lawn mowers, they all follow a similar method for starting the engines.

Push Mower

Step 1

Press the rubber primer bulb on the side of the mower engine three times. Hold the bulb in for about one second before releasing it each time you press it. This will draw fuel into the engine.

Step 2

Pull and hold the safety bar near the top of the handle. The engine will not start if you do not hold the bar, and it will shut off immediately if the bar is released while you're mowing the lawn.

Step 3

Grip the handle of the starter rope and pull with a rapid movement. The engine should start in the first or second pull. If it does not start, press the primer bulb two more times and try again.

Riding Mower

Step 1

Place the ignition key in the keyhole on the Toro lawn mower.

Step 2

Turn the "PTO" switch to "Off." This is a safety device that prevents the blades from operating when the engine is turned on.

Step 3

Engage the parking brake. As with the PTO, this is a safety device that prevents the mower from moving when it is first turned on.

Step 4

Place the "Choke" lever in "Full" position. If the engine is already warm, you can skip this step.

Step 5

Turn the ignition key until the engine starts. Do not turn the ignition key for more than 10 seconds or you may damage the engine. If the engine does not start, wait a few minutes and turn the ignition key again.

Step 6

Adjust the "Choke" lever to "Half" position and let the engine run for approximately 30 seconds, after which you can adjust it to "Off." The mower is now ready for use.


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