How to Repair a Lawn Mower With the Wrong Fuel Added

While mowing, you may get in a hurry when refilling the fuel tank with gas and accidentally pour oil or diesel fuel into the gas tank on your lawn mower. Don't go out and buy a new lawn mower because of your mistake. The wrong fuel can be cleaned out of the gas tank, fuel line and carburetor so you can get your mower running well again.

Use the right fuel or you'll never finish the job.

Step 1

Locate the fuel line connected between the side of the carburetor and the base of the gas tank. Squeeze the clamps at the end of the hose with a pliers and slide them several inches down the hose. Pull the fuel line off the mower.

Step 2

Position the bucket under the gas tank to catch the wrong fuel. Fill the gas tank a quarter full of new gas and slosh the tank back and forth as it drains out into the bucket.

Step 3

Spray the carb cleaner nozzle into the fuel line for 5 seconds on both ends of the hose. Shake the fuel line out over the bucket.

Step 4

Unscrew the fuel bowl from the base of the carburetor with the proper sized wrench. Dump the fuel in the fuel bowl into the bucket. Wipe out the bowl with a rag. Spray carb cleaner on the float above the bowl. Spray carb cleaner into the side hole the fuel line was connected to. Screw the fuel bowl back to the base of the carburetor.

Step 5

Re-clamp the fuel line between the base of the gas tank and the side of the carburetor.

Step 6

Fill the gas tank with new gas.