How to Locate the Silent Feature on a Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clock chimes are typically rich in tone and resonance. However, there are times when you may not wish to be disturbed by the chiming of a grandfather clock, especially if the chimes are ringing out every quarter-hour. Most grandfather clocks feature a manually operated lever which places the chimes in a "silent" mode. Once the lever is set, the chimes will remain silent until you wish to restore them. You can locate the silent feature of your clock without the need for tools or special skills.

Step 1

Open the access door to reach the grandfather clock dial.

Step 2

Check for a slot with a protruding lever at the three or nine o'clock positions. The area around the slot may feature the individual chime names as well as "silent" or "silence" marked above or below the chime names.

Step 3

Check the corner areas above the eleven or one o'clock positions. Some triple-chime clocks have the chime selector in one corner and the silencing lever on the opposite side.