How to Buy Model Home Furniture

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Tour model homes for design advice.
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If you tour model homes to check out the furnishings and their arrangements, not only will you pick up some fine decorating tips for your own home, but you can also find ways to purchase the actual furniture they are using. Model home furniture makes a home show so much better, and owning this furniture will make your home look just as good.


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Step 1

Find out expected close-out dates. After close outs of new home communities, the home builder typically uses auction companies to sell the furniture and accessories showcased in their model homes. Follow up with the builder's sales agent to learn when they are anticipating to close-out home sales, when the furniture auction will be held and the name of the auction company.


Step 2

Get a membership with the auction company. Auction companies will only invite their members and the homeowners who live in the community where the auction is being held. You may purchase a membership with the auction company to have access to their website and mailing list. Membership fees vary depending on the auction firm, but are generally around $30. Members get advanced notice of upcoming auctions in their area of town. Also, as a member you will be able to view photos of items being auctioned in the model home as well as directions to the auction site.


Step 3

Attend the auction and bid on furniture. Auctions are held at the model home site in the largest room of the house, such as a kitchen or family room. There are no minimum bids, and you (auction bidders) are in control of the opening bid.

Step 4

Haul your new furniture home. Model homes can have several hundred items being auctioned, but it takes only a few hours to completely empty the rooms. They accept cash and major credit cards. Bidders must pick up their purchases within an hour (or two, depending on the auction house's rules) after paying the cashier.