Where Is the Lock Pin on a Craftsman Chop Saw?

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A chop saw has many names, such as power miter, cut-off and drop. Regardless of what it is called, it is used to make quick and accurate crosscuts in construction materials. It is most commonly used for cutting framing materials and moldings.


The lock pin on a chop saw is a safety device. It locks the blade in a down and protected position to prevent accidental contact when not in use. A miter saw should always be in the locked, down position during transport or storage.


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Lock pins are typically located on the right side of the hinging mechanism, the side opposite the blade. To lock and unlock the pin, the blade must be in the farthest down position. The pin will not unlock, even though the saw is down. You must push the saw down as far as it will go, then pull the pin out to release the blade.



The lock pin consists of oiled groves that easily collect saw dust. Cleaning the grooves with a tooth brush prior to locking will keep the pin from getting stuck.



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