How to Cut Plexiglass With Hacksaws

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Marker

  • Masking tape

  • T-square

  • Utility knife

Plexiglass can easily be cut to size.
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Plexiglass is used for many different applications and acts as an alternative to glass. It is much stronger than glass and is a type of acrylic. Unlike glass, plexiglass has the ability to bend slightly in order to fit into different openings. When installing plexiglass, it will be necessary to cut it to size to fit a certain opening. There are a variety of ways to cut plexiglass, and one of the least expensive methods is to use a hacksaw, especially if you only have a few pieces of plexiglass to cut.


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Step 1

Measure the opening where the plexiglass will be installed and write down the measurement. Measure the same distance on the piece of plexiglass and draw a small line with a marker.

Step 2

Place a piece of masking tape across the plexiglass at the cut location. Tape it directly where the cut will be made and push down firmly so it can adhere to the plexiglass.


Step 3

Line up a T-square across the plexiglass at the mark and draw a straight line at the cut location with a black marker. Follow along the T-square across the entire piece of plexiglass right on the masking tape. Remove the T-square from the glass.

Step 4

Score along the marked line with a utility knife. Slide it over the line three times to get the cut started. Line up the hacksaw at the mark on the plexiglass at either end. Begin sawing along the line. Pull the handle of the hacksaw back and forth.


Step 5

Cut along the plexiglass until the hacksaw goes through the piece and continue moving along just like you are cutting molding or another type of wood. Move the hacksaw back and forth down the piece until the cut is complete and the piece is in two.

Step 6

Pull off the masking tape and the plastic sheet over the plexiglass. Measure the sheet and place it in the opening. Verify that it fits properly.


Masking tape is added to the plexiglass to make for a smooth cut and prevent chipping on the plexiglass from the hacksaw blade.


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