How to Use Plywood Clips

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Plywood clips are available in sizes to match nominal plywood thicknesses. Proper structural function of the clips require they match the thickness of the plywood panels being used.

Additional plywood clips can be added to maximize load bearing in a specific area, but the minimum clip placement described should be maintained in general.

Plywood clips, also referred to as H-clips or panel edge clips, are small metal brackets placed between the unsupported edges of plywood sheathing to effectively reduce the support spacing and stiffen the plywood. The clips are inserted over the edges of the adjacent plywood panels to reduce deflection of the panel edges between the framing members and are most commonly used for roof sheathing. Plywood clips are inserted by hand and the procedure is done in conjunction with installation of the sheathing.


Step 1

Install a full horizontal row of plywood sheathing following standard practices.

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Step 2

Position plywood clips onto the top or upper horizontal edge of the installed plywood panels between each rafter or support block. The H-shaped fins slide over the plywood until the middle connecting section is against the plywood's edge. For 16-inch centered framing, place the clip at the approximate middle-point between each perpendicular framing member. For 24-inch centered framing, position two clips equally spaced between rafters or joists approximately 8 inches apart.


Step 3

Install the next row of plywood into position by sliding the bottom edge into the channel of the installed plywood clips, then secure the plywood panel to the framing by standard fastening.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to complete the current horizontal row of plywood sheathing and the remainder of the plywood panels.


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