How to Attach Wire Clips to a T-Post

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T-posts are designed to make installing wire or mesh fencing easy, inexpensive and effective. The combination of T-posts and wire clips helps ensure that wind and the weight of the fence don't cause bowing or sagging of either the wire or mesh, and secures it against any animals that might jump on or lean against it.


T-posts and wire clips can be used with square wire fencing, barbed wire or common straight wire. Each T-post has small studs that are designed to accommodate wire clips. These are spaced every few inches along the vertical length of the post. The wire clips have a loop on one side and a hook on the other to fasten the fencing securely to the post.

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Attaching the T-post wire clips is the final step of T-post fence installation. After all of the T-posts have been driven into the ground, the wire or mesh should be stretched from corner post to corner post and tightened. Once this is complete, the wire clips can be used to attach the wire or mesh to the individual posts.


Materials and Tools for Installing T-Post Wire Clips

You will need as many wire clips as you have fastening points. For straight or barbed wire, multiply the number of wire strands by the number of posts. For square wire fencing or mesh, decide how many wire clips per post you intend to use and multiply that amount by the number of posts you have installed. You will also need a pair of fence pliers or a T-post wire clip bending tool.


Installing T-Post Wire Clips with Fence Pliers

You can install wire clips with a sturdy pair of fencing pliers, but it will take a deal of hand strength. Begin by setting the wire clip in place just above one of the studs in the T post. Swivel the clip to slide the hooked end over the fence wire. Use the fence pliers to crimp the end closed. Pull the wire clip back into place around the T-post, and use the fence pliers to twist the long loop end around the wire on the other side twice.


Installing T-Post Wire Clips with a Clip Wire Bender

An inexpensive T-post wire clip bender can make the wire clip installation process easier. With the wire clip bender, the order is reversed. Slide the end of the bender tool through the loop side of the wire clip. Bend the wire clip one full turn around the fence wire that is being secured, then remove the tool. Use the hole in the clip bender tool to bend the wire clip end another full turn around the fence wire.


Reposition the wire clip around the post just above a stud. Slide the hole of the T-post clip bending tool onto the hooked end of the wire clip, and bend it one full turn around the wire. Since the hook end is shorter than the loop end, you will only be able to perform this step once.

Repeat both processes at each fastening point along the entire line of fencing. Once this task is completed, your fence should be secure and tight, ready to keep livestock in or animals out of the enclosed area.




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