How to Attach Wire Clips to a T-Post

A wire T-post clip is specifically designed to hold wire fencing in place. This makes the job of attaching the fence to the posts quite simple. Square wire fencing and barbed wire are two commonly used fencing materials attached to T-posts. A metal T-post has one flat side with recurring bumps every 2 inches along its entire length. These bumps are what the V-shaped corner of the T-post clip rests on to keep the fencing material from sagging. The clip has a hook at one end and a loop at the other.

Wire clips secure fencing materials to T-posts.
A pair of fencing pliers can simplify the job.

Place the V-shaped part of the wire clip on the backside of the T-post so that it cradles the post. Set the fence wire at the desired height above one of the bumps along the length of the T-post. Allow the fence wire to rest on this bump. Slide the wire clip up to this fence wire and hook the hooked side of the clip up and over the wire.

Step 2

Face the bump side of the T-post, and hold the hooked end of the clip in place with one hand. Allow the loop end of the clip to rest above the fence wire on the other side of the post. Grip the loop with the fencing pliers and bend the loop down and around the fence wire until it comes all the way around the wire one and one half times.

Step 3

Release the loop side of the clip. Place the jaws of the pliers over the hooked end of the clip and crimp the hook closed. Wiggle the fence wire to ensure the clip has successfully married the wire to the post. Repeat this process according to how many wires are attached to the post.