How to Nail T1-11 Siding

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Things You'll Need

  • 8d galvanized nails

  • Hammer

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Chalk box

  • Exterior-grade caulk


Seal each shiplap seam with exterior-grade caulk.

Siding manufacturers make T1-11 siding, a five-ply exterior-grade plywood siding, in 4-foot by 8-foot sections with a grooved surface and shiplap edges. T1-11's grooves and shiplap edges run parallel to its 8-foot-long edge. The T1-11 siding's 1-inch-wide, 1/4-inch-deep grooves are spaced 11 inches apart. Siding with shiplap edges has two inverted L-shaped edges. The T1-11's outer shiplap edge overlaps the neighboring T1-11's inner shiplap edge. The shiplap edges give the T1-11 a seamless pattern. Contractors nail T1-11 siding to a building's exterior and usually protect its surface with paint.


Step 1

Hold the first sheet of T1-11 siding against the building's wall studs with the edge of its inside shiplap seam covering a wall stud. This places the next T1-11 piece's overlap seam on top of the wall stud. The bottom of the first piece of T1-11 should cover the building's sill, sometimes called the bottom plate.


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Step 2

Tack the top center of the T1-11 to a wall stud with an 8d galvanized nail, using a hammer to drive the 8d nail. Place the nail between 1 and 2 inches from the top of the T1-11.

Step 3

Verify that both horizontal sides of the T1-11 siding line up with its respective wall stud and the bottom covers its sill. Remove the nail and adjust the T1-11's position, if needed.


Step 4

Measure along the top of the T1-11 siding from one of the grooves to the edge of a wall stud, using a tape measure. Transfer this measurement to the bottom of the siding with a pencil. Repeat this step for each wall stud.

Step 5

Create a chalk line between each set of pencil marks on the T1-11's surface, using a chalk box. The chalk line identifies the wall stud's position.


Step 6

Secure the center of the T1-11 siding to its wall stud. Place an 8d nail every 8 inches down the wall stud behind the center of the siding, using the chalk line as a placement guide. Pound the nails into the siding until its head countersinks into the siding's surface.

Step 7

Secure the T1-11 to one of the wall studs next to the center stud with 8d nails placed every 8 inches, using the chalk line as a nail placement guide. Drive the first nail into the center of the siding and work toward the top and bottom edges. Place the last nail on each stud within 1 inch of the siding's edge. Repeat this for each wall stud, working from the center stud toward the shiplap edges.


Step 8

Lock the T1-11 siding to the building's sill or top plate with 8d nails placed every 4 inches. The sill surrounds the perimeter of the building's floor, and the top plate surrounds the top of the building's walls.

Step 9

Nail each piece of T1-11, using the same technique you used on the first piece. Attach each T1-11's outer shiplap edge to the prior piece's inner shiplap edge with nails spaced every 4 inches.


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