Blanco Drop in Sink Installation Instructions

lnstalling a drop-in sink is not quite as simple as dropping one into place, but the process rather is straight forward nonetheless. A Blanco brand sink is a popular option to choose when you are replacing an existing sink or upgrading your counter top. A drop-in sink has an overhang on the surface of the counter top. Proper installation requires caulk designed especially for kitchens and bathrooms to get a good seal between the sink and counter top in order to prevent water from seeping under the rim of the sink.

Kitchen with drop-in stainless steel sink

Step 1

Place the sink template on the counter in the center of the sink base cabinet. Use a tape measure to ensure that there is equal space between the front and back of the counter and the sides of the sink base around the template.

Step 2

Tape the template into position. Trace the template with a pencil and remove the template.

Step 3

Place pieces of 2-by-4 lumber under the sink vertically to support the counter top while cutting.

Step 4

Cut a conventional particleboard counter top using a jigsaw. Drill a hole inside the traced line for the sink 2 inches from the edge of the traced line with a ½-inch drill bit. (If the counter top is made of material that cannot be cut with a jigsaw, use the appropriate cutting tool for the counter top material.)

Step 5

Insert the blade of your jigsaw into the hole and cut from the drilled hole on an angle to the edge of the template line. Continue to cut around the template line until the hole for the sink is cut out of the counter top.

Step 6

Place the Blanco sink in the cut out area and trim the area if needed so the sink fits into the counter top.

Step 7

Apply masking tape on the counter top around the edges of the sink and remove the sink by grasping the drain holes and lifting the sink out of the counter top.

Step 8

Attach fixtures such as your faucet while the sink is out of the counter top to make the task easier to complete.

Step 9

Attach mounting clips to the edges of the sink and space them evenly around the sink.

Step 10

Squeeze caulk around the perimeter of the opening for the sink, between the edge of the cut out section and the masking tape.

Step 11

Place the sink into position in the counter top.

Step 12

Position the mounting clips below the counter top by turning the clips. Tighten them until they are snug, but not tight, to the counter top by turning the screws in the clips.

Step 13

Tighten clips until snug and then re-tighten following the same pattern after they are in position. Tighten opposite clips rather than working around in a circle. For example, tighten a clip in the front and then the opposite diagonal clip in the back of the sink. This prevents shifting of the sink while it's being secured into position.

Step 14

Remove the masking tape from the counter top.

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