How to Install Eye Hooks on a Piece of Wood

Eye hooks are also known as eye bolts. They are basically screws with a loop on one end and threads on the other. They are screwed directly into a surface on the threaded side and can have an object hung from them on the loop side. Eye hooks can be installed into a number of different materials, including wood and drywall. Installing an eye hook into a piece of wood only takes a few minutes and can be very handy to have around your home.

Eye hooks can be used for many different applications.

Step 1

Lay the piece of wood on a flat surface so it is stable and secure during installation. Measure the thickness of the piece of wood with a tape measure. Write down the measurement. Measure the length of the threaded end of the eye hook and record that measurement.

Step 2

Compare the two measurements and make sure the length of the eye bolt is not more than the thickness of the piece of wood. If so, another thicker piece of wood will be necessary for the installation process.

Step 3

Attach a 1/8-inch drill bit to a power drill and line up the bit at the location on the wood where you want the eye hook installed. Press down firmly on the wood and push the button on the handle to turn on the drill. Drill into the wood the length of the threaded end of the eye hook.

Step 4

Remove any saw dust from the drilled hole, insert the eye hook into the opening and turn it clockwise to install it. Continue turning in a circular motion until all of the threads on the eye hook have disappeared into the piece of wood.

Step 5

Test the eye hook for strength. Hang something from the hook and make sure the hook does not wiggle from the weight.

Alexander Callos

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