Typical Height of Bathroom Vanity Lights

The lights you choose to install in your new or remodeled bathroom help set the feel and character of the space. However, nothing can ruin a bathroom's look like lighting installed at an awkward height. Finding the right height to hang your bathroom lighting is as simple as following a few easy steps.

Bathroom lighting hung correctly can make bathroom tasks easier.

Typical Height Above the Sink

Many people opt for two- three- and four-light fixtures to install above their sink and mirror. If you've chosen this route, hang your fixture just above the mirror, leaving one or two inches of wall space between the bottom of the light and the top of the mirror. If your mirror is also a medicine cabinet, do not install the light so low that it inhibits the opening of the cabinet.

Typical Height of Sconces

If you've chosen vanity lights which are made to be hung on either side of your vanity mirror, you'll have more flexibility in height. Hang your light fixture at your eye level to reduce shadows and make performing tasks such as applying makeup easier. This rule works best for bathrooms that you'll be using primarily. If you're hanging lights in a bathroom that will mostly be used by guests, aim for a height that's even with the average eye level.

Typical Heights Overall

If you're still stumped about exactly where to hang your lights, follow the general rule of 80 to 85 inches from the floor to the bottom of your over-sink light, and about six feet from the floor to the bottom of your sconces surrounding the mirror. These are just guidelines, however, and you should try to hang the lights at a height that looks appropriate in your room.

Other Considerations

Always follow manufacturer installation instructions and guidelines on bulb wattage. Follow your local lighting codes, and never install lighting yourself if you're inexperienced. Work with an experienced electrician when possible. Try to have your mirror available and present when the lights will be installed so you can choose the best height and width.