How to Troubleshoot a Kwikset SmartCode

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Although they're generally quite reliable, every once in a while something can go amiss with a Kwikset SmartCode lock. Fortunately, most issues require only simple fixes and troubleshooting is relatively easy. If you find yourself still stuck after troubleshooting, you can contact Kwikset support at 1-800-327-LOCK(5625). You'll be able to solve most issues yourself, however.


My Keypad Isn't Responding

If your Kwikset keypad is dead, it may be playing possum. The lock system will lock itself for a full minute if an incorrect unlock code is typed in three times in a row. Hitting the wrong code is easy to do when your arms are full of groceries or you're wrangling a toddler. Wait 60 seconds and try again.


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If the keypad is still dead, change the batteries and turn switch 3 to the on position to run a test. Press every key once and make sure it beeps. If some of your buttons still don't respond, it's time to call technical support for further testing.

Deadbolt Doesn't Latch Correctly

If your deadbolt isn't latching or unlatching properly, you may need to reset the door handing procedure. Electronic locks are calibrated when installed so they know when the door is unlocked and how far to throw the deadbolt to lock it. It's possible that your Kwikset lock simply forgot where it was.


To remedy the situation, perform the handing process again. Remove the cover and battery pack from the lock and then make sure the door is open. Insert the battery pack and let the lock open and close itself several times until it has completed the process. On some models, you'll need to hold down the lock button until the battery pack is completely reinstalled.

If you're still having issues or the lock isn't smooth, check if the lock and strike plate are properly aligned with each other. If they're not, the lock can physically bind. Your lock should always operate smoothly and easily.


My Batteries Die Too Quickly

A set of batteries should easily last for a year or more. If your batteries drain too quickly, run a test on your keypad. Change the batteries and then turn on switch 3. Press every key once and wait for the beep. Your keypad should now be working without any stuck or perpetually lit keys.


If that fails to fix the problem, check your door alignment. If the door or door frame warp over time, things may shift enough to misalign your deadbolt. When your lock has trouble manipulating the bolt, it may have to try several times to open the deadbolt with each unlock. All these attempts can drain your battery quickly.


Deleting the Unlock Code

Sometimes it's necessary to delete a code on your SmartCode lock. Perhaps you gave a code to your pet sitter and want to turn it off now that you're back from vacation. Perhaps your code was somehow compromised. Whatever your reason, deleting a code from your lock is easy.


To do so, open the door and then press the program button. Press the checkmark symbol once and then the lock symbol once. Enter the code you wish to remove and press the lock symbol again. Input the code once more.

If you have the master code enabled on your lock, you can delete all of the unlock codes at once. With the door open, press the program button once. Your checkmark button will flash and beep five times. Press the checkmark followed by the lock button. Enter your master code. Press the lock button again and then press the number 9 key six times. Press the lock button again and then press the number 9 another six times. Press lock.



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