Kwikset manufactures keyed and electronic door locks for residential and commercial use. The SmartCode electronic lock has a keypad for entering a numbered code to unlock the door. This locking system supports up to four different codes for four separate users or sets of users. You program the codes yourself to choose numbers that are easy to remember, and you can turn on or off three custom features on the locking system.

The Kwikset SmartCode door lock is an electronic locking system.

Programming Lock Codes

Step 1

Insert an Allen wrench into the two screws on each side of the interior lock assembly. Turn the Allen wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screws and pull them out of the assembly.

Step 2

Grasp the top of the lock assembly inside the door and pull it straight up and off the lock.

Step 3

Press the "Program" button on the interior keypad. Enter a four- to eight-digit code on the outside keypad. Press the "Lock" button in the center of the outside keypad. This programs a code for the first user.

Step 4

Press the "Program" button twice to program a code for the second user. Enter a four- to eight-digit code on the exterior keypad and press the "Lock" button. Repeat this step for a third or fourth user by pressing the program button three and four times, respectively, to program their codes.

Custom Features

Step 5

Press each custom feature switch on the inside of the door key pad up to turn them on or down to turn them off.

Step 6

Press the No. 1 switch up to turn on the status LED lights. The lights will blink every five seconds to show that the lock is functioning and has electricity.

Step 7

Press the No. 2 switch up to enable automatic relocking of the door within 30 seconds after unlocking the door.

Step 8

Press the No. 3 switch up to enable a beeper. The beeper sounds when the door is unlocked, and the exterior keypad is backlit for easy operation in the dark.

Step 9

Place the interior lock assembly cover over the lock, insert the two Allen screws and tighten them clockwise.