Kwikset SmartCode Instructions

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Kwikset electronic deadbolts are a pretty smart addition to your home or office. They keep you safe and secure, and if necessary, you can change the lock code much easier than running around your house physically changing all the locks. After installing your new deadbolt, it's important that you change the unlock code. All Kwikset SmartCode locks leave the factory with a default 0000 setting, so you'll want to change it right away.


A Few Codes To Avoid

When choosing your Kwikset SmartCode, there are a few codes you really should avoid. Your code can be either four to eight digits long or four to 10 digits long depending on the model of your lock. When choosing a code, avoid something obvious, like your house number, which is often one of the first guesses would-be intruders will make. Avoid easily guessed codes, like 1313, as well.


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Although you do want to choose a code you can remember, avoid anniversaries, birth dates, and other numbers that someone else might know or learn. Avoid using phone numbers as well and never use any part of your Social Security number. Avoid using 1234 too.

How To Set Your Kwikset SmartCode

Step 1: Put Your Lock in Programming Mode

You need to tell your lock that you're going to change the code, so you'll have to put it in programming mode. This is a simple procedure, but there are two possible ways to go about it depending on your lock.


  1. Verify that your lock is unlocked and have your door open.

  2. Enter the 0000 programming code and then press the Kwikset button once. A single beep will indicate that the lock is ready to accept your new code.

  3. Press the program button if you don't have a Kwikset button. The program button is located on the inside of the door lock under the plastic dust cover. You'll find it just above the thumb switch. You need not enter the 0000 code before pressing the program button.


Step 2: Input the New Code

Now that your lock is ready for programming, it's time to choose your new code. Choose something that is easy for you to remember but difficult for someone else to guess or figure out. When you input your code, you may notice that each key on your lock has two numbers on it. If the button reads "1-2," simply press it once for a 1 or once for a 2. You need not press it twice for a 2.


  1. Enter your desired code and press the lock button on the front of the lock. If your unit does not have a lock button, enter your new code and press the Kwikset button. The lock will beep twice after you press the Kwikset button if it has successfully accepted the new code.

  2. Test your new code by locking and unlocking the door several times while it is still open, making sure your new code works. Do not close and lock the door until you know the new unlock code has been accepted.


Step 3: Add Additional Users

Some Kwikset locks allow you to add more than one unlock code. This allows you to use one for yourself and give another to your kids, the housekeeper, the dog walker, your parents, or whomever else you may want to grant access. This feature can be especially handy if you have a business and want different employees to have different unlock codes.

  1. Press the program button on the inside of your door. If this is the second code you're storing, press the program button twice.

  2. Enter the desired code and press the lock button.

  3. Test the code several times with the door open to make sure it works properly.



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