How to Attach Plexiglass

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Things You'll Need

  • Plexiglass

  • Miter saw

  • Finish nail gun

  • Air compressor

  • Table saw

  • Orbital sander

  • Wood

Plexiglass is a shatter-proof alternative to traditional glass.

Plexiglass is a great alternative to traditional glass in situations where using real glass can be dangerous. Plexiglass is a plastic material that is shatter-resistant and easy to install. Once you determine how you want the Plexiglass to look and the application for which you are using it, you can figure out how to install the glass. If you wish to achieve the appearance of a traditional window you will need to create stops for the Plexiglass; otherwise, Plexiglass allows you to pre-drill holes and attach it with screws.

Interior Window or Frame

Step 1

Determine the size of your opening and then cut Plexiglass to fit. Cut it about 1/8 inch short on each side. You can cut the Plexiglass with a table saw. This method of Plexiglass installation allows you to create windows for cabinets, closets or crafting projects.

Step 2

Cut your wood at 45 degree angles to build a frame around the opening. The size and style of the wood depends on your personal preference. These will serve as stops for the Plexiglass. Stops are similar in concept to a picture frame. The wood on the front of the frame is not only decorative but it holds the glass in place. The difference between picture frames and windows is you have stops installed on both sides.

Step 3

Place the stops inside the opening, if you are want the Plexiglass recessed and installed in the middle of a frame. If you want the glass to be flush with the opening, install the stops to the face of your frame. Attach those pieces with a nail gun.

Step 4

Remove one layer of the protective film from the Plexiglass and insert the glass into the frame flush against the stops you just installed.

Step 5

Cut four more stops at 45 degree angles that fit snug against the piece of Plexiglass.

Step 6

Remove the last layer of protective coating from the Plexiglass and attach the wood with a nail gun.

Replace a Pane of Glass

Step 1

Remove the existing pane of glass that you wish to replace with Plexiglass. You will have to remove the glazing compound around the current piece of glass and you may have to break the existing glass to make that possible.

Step 2

Scrape the rest of the glazing compound away with a putty knife.

Step 3

Cut your piece of Plexiglass to fit the opening. It should be 1/8 inch smaller than the opening.

Step 4

Prime the fresh wood if the glass is for an exterior window or door. Apply a thin layer of glazing compound around the opening and then push the glass tightly against the glazing compound.

Step 5

Insert glazing points against the glass. Apply a layer of glazing around the window. Start by rolling it in your hands to warm it and make it pliable; place it around the window. Use a putty knife to push it tight against the glass and the frame at approximately a 45-degree angle.


If you do not have a nail gun and compressor, pre-drill holes and install nails with a hammer.


Wear gloves and eye protection when removing or breaking existing glass.


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