How Do I Remove Something Stuck in a Drain Pipe?

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Plunger

  • Rags

  • Wire hanger

  • Drain auger

You can remove stuck object from your drain pipe.

If you have a drain in your home that is barely draining, something might be stuck inside the pipe. In some circumstances, you might have watched an actual object fall into the drain. However, the culprit is more likely a mass of hair, soap residue and other organic matter that is stuck inside the pipe and prohibiting the water from draining down at a normal pace. Left untreated, this problem will likely get worse.

Step 1

Remove any cover over the drain pipe.

Step 2

Fill the sink a few inches with water and place a plunger over the drain opening. Cover any other openings with rags.

Step 3

Push the plunger toward the drain opening firmly. Then release it. Do this three or four times.

Step 4

Lift the plunger. The object stuck in the drain pipe may have come up.

Step 5

Unbend a wire hanger to make a long piece with a hook on one side if plunging didn't work.

Step 6

Work the wire hanger into the drain hook side first. When you feel what's stuck in the drain, move the hanger around to hook the blockage or item. Then, pull it out.

Step 7

Insert the cable end of a drain auger into the sink if the hanger didn't work. Crank the drain auger to move the cable through the drain.

Step 8

Stop cranking when the cable stops at the blockage. Work the cable around the blockage in an attempt to hook into it.

Step 9

Turn the crank the opposite way to pull out the blockage or object once the cable has a hold on it.


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