My Hoover Steam Vac Brushes Won't Turn

You can use a Hoover SteamVac to clean your carpets without having to hire a professional carpet-cleaning company. Hoover SteamVacs come in many different models. The SteamVac uses carpet shampoo, water and spinning brushes to clean your carpet. After a number of uses, you may find that your Hoover SteamVac brushes won't turn. You can fix this problem with couple different techniques, depending on the model of SteamVac you own.

You may need to clean the brush filter so your Hoover SteamVac will work properly.

Clean Brush Filter

Step 1

Unplug your Hoover SteamVac from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Remove the clean water and recovery tanks from the SteamVac to prevent any leaks. Press down on the clean water tank handle and pull it forward to remove the tank. Step on the handle release pedal and lower the handle before removing the recovery tank. Turn the latches on each side of the tank out, lift the recovery tank handle and lift the tank off the cleaner.

Step 3

Squeeze the filter frame and pull it out while the SteamVac is still resting on the floor. The filter frame is located under the SteamVac, behind the brushes.

Step 4

Wipe any debris off the filter with your hand, a paper towel or a cloth.

Step 5

Push the filter frame back into place once it is clean.

Step 6

Put the recovery tank back into place and lock the latches. Stand the SteamVac upright and put the clean solution tank back on as well.

Clean Screen Indicator

Step 7

Unplug the SteamVac from the electrical outlet.

Step 8

Remove the clear cover over the brush indicator. The brush indicator spins when your SteamVac is turned on to let you know the brushes are rotating. If the brushes are not rotating, the indicator will not spin.

Step 9

Wipe the indicator screen with a damp cloth. The indicator screen is normally located right behind the spinning indicator.

Step 10

Place the clear cover back into place.