Troubleshooting Rowenta Irons

Rowenta, a company producing garment-care products, offers a line of irons. Features vary on each model, but since most have similar functions, they also have similar problems. If your Rowenta iron stops working properly, you can troubleshoot and fix most issues on your own.

Step 1

Add only tap water to the filling inlet if the iron starts to leak. Do not use softened or distilled water. Set the thermostat to the highest temperature and let it heat up until the indicator light turns off before using the steam control.

Step 2

Plug the iron's power cord securely into a working outlet if the iron won't heat. Turn the thermostat to a higher temperature. Shake the iron gently to verify the auto-off function is not activated.

Step 3

Switch the variable steam control to a higher setting if the iron does not produce steam. Switch the control between minimum and maximum a few times to clear any blockages if the steam valve appears clogged.