How to Change the Battery for a Pur Electronic Filter

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Batteries keep your electric PUR filter running properly.

PUR's line of water filters remove impurities from your water system, providing clean drinking, cleaning and cooking water. While the batteries don't require frequent changing, you will need to change them periodically to ensure continued filtration. The battery chamber for PUR's electronic filter is located underneath the sink, so check it occasionally. The system comes with an indicator light that lets you know when to replace its batteries.


Step 1

Wait until you see a flashing red light on your PUR filter. This indicates that it's time to change the battery. According to Delta Filters, the batteries last approximately one year.

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Step 2

Pull the battery holder compartment out from the top of the PUR filter head. It is located directly on the top of the filter head, which is attached underneath your sink.


Step 3

Remove the two AA batteries and replace them with fresh ones. Align the new batteries up in the correct manner, so the "-" and "+" charges align. The battery chamber will have etched symbols to help you in this task.

Step 4

Slide the battery chamber back into its place until you hear a click. The indicator lights flash red and green for 10 seconds when the battery chamber is back in places, notes Delta Faucets.

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