How to Troubleshoot a Sloan Faucet

The Sloan Valve company is based in Franklin Park, Illinois, and was established in 1906 in Chicago by William Elvis Sloan. Sloan faucets are sensor activated and, as such, can encounter problems with water flow and temperature from time to time. Contact your Sloan dealer for major problems, but you can usually troubleshoot smaller problems yourself before worrying about calling a technician.

Step 1

Remove the adhesive label from the top of the sensor eye and press the button located on the throat of the faucet one time if the faucet does not work.

Step 2

Open up the water supply stop and clean the water supply strainer if you hear a "click" from the solenoid valve, which indicates the sensor is activated but the faucet is not delivering water. The strainer is between the flex hose for the supply stop and the stop itself.

Step 3

Replace the battery if the light-emitting diode (LED) indicator blinks when the faucet is in use. To replace the battery, close the supply stops and loosen the screw on the faucet with a hex wrench. Remove the throat plate and battery cover with a Philips screwdriver and replace the battery.

Step 4

Move the mixing valve handle clockwise to decrease the water temperature or counterclockwise to increase the temperature if the faucet that is connected to the cold and hot supply lines produces water that is too hot or cold.

Step 5

Open up the water supply stops completely if they are partially closed and the faucet is only producing a slow flow of water when the sensor is activated. Also, remove the water supply stop strainers and aerator and clean them out. Replace both parts with Sloan parts if they are damaged.