How to Troubleshoot a Sloan Faucet

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Touchless faucets are convenient but can have some problems.
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A touchless faucet is convenient, particularly in active kitchens where coming into contact with the spout can spread food-borne bacteria. However, they can also sputter or drip and otherwise be an irritating fixture in the kitchen or bathroom.


If the Sloan sensor faucet won't stop running, it could need a good cleaning or new battery. Conduct some motion sensor faucet troubleshooting to narrow down what you need to do to get the Sloan faucet working correctly again.

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Motion Sensor Faucet Troubleshooting

If the Sloan faucet has recently been installed or replaced, make sure that the adhesive label has been removed from the top of the sensor eye. Check that none of the adhesive has been left behind and is covering the eye. Depress the button on the bottom of the spout to check that the fixture works.


If you hear a click from the solenoid valve when the water supply is open, the sensor is activated but there's no water finding its way to the faucet. Clean out the water supply strainer that's located by the flex hose.

Before ditching the fixture or wrestling with water valves and battery covers, check the connections, tighten the screws and otherwise make sure that the Sloan faucet is installed correctly.


Replacing the Faucet Battery

When a Sloan auto faucet is dripping endlessly, it may need a new battery to get it up to speed. An automatic faucet battery replacement is fairly easy to do. If the LED indicator light blinks each time the faucet is used, the fixture is letting you know it needs a quick switch out of its fading battery, according to Plumber Magazine.


Before you replace the Sloan faucet battery, close the water supply stops. Locate the small screw on the faucet face and remove it with a hex wrench. This will loosen the throat plate so you can remove it as well as the battery cover, which needs a Phillips screwdriver.

Slip the battery out of its nook and replace it. You may need to use the edge of a flathead screwdriver to nudge the battery from its nest. Clean out the inside of the battery housing with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to ensure that the battery is making a good connection.


When to Replace the Solenoid

A solenoid that's on its way out will make a low-toned click, according to Sloan Repair. There are a few reasons that a solenoid begins to break down and create problems with the faucet itself. A loud sound in short repetitions, such as a hammering or buzzing, may mean that the solenoid is struggling with the water pressure or piping. Check that the pressure of the water flowing through the pipe is correct for the diameter of the pipe.


Check the valves, which can cause the faucet to drip if they don't close correctly. Begin by checking the diaphragm, connections and components of the Sloan faucet. If the valves are in good working order, the solenoid may need to be replaced.




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