How to Change a Maglite Battery

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Maglite is a popular brand of flashlight that comes in several different models and sizes. Because Maglites come in different sizes, they require different batteries to operate. Depending on the model, your Maglite may use AAA, AA, C or D batteries. Though the Maglite flashlight models are different, the design for each model is similar and the method for replacing the batteries is the same for all models.

Step 1

Twist the back end of the flashlight until it's detached from the flashlight. Keep the back end of the flashlight facing upward when removing the back to keep the batteries from spilling out of the housing.

Step 2

Carefully slide the batteries out of the flashlight and dispose of them properly.

Step 3

Place the replacement batteries in the flashlight housing with the positive side of each battery facing the lens end of the flashlight. Depending on your model of Maglite flashlight, you will need one to six batteries.

Step 4

Close the flashlight by twisting the back end onto the housing.


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