The quality of the drinking water in most neighborhoods is getting worse and worse. According to most city water agencies, there are "acceptable" harmful minerals and chemicals in your regular tap water. In fact, many water agencies are asking for more lenient regulation of their filtering systems to save money. Because of this, many people are turning to bottled water, filtration pitchers or on-tap filters. Here's how to replace a Pur filter, one of the most popular devices for keeping tap water healthy and drinkable.

Pur filter

Step 1

Hold your Pur filter upright. Grasp it by the bottom and unscrew the bottom cap. Turn the water on lightly and pull out the spent cartridge.

Step 2

Hold the new water filter top side up. (The filter is marked "top" in the correct place.) Push it into the main body until there is a slight click. You may or may not hear the click; it is very faint. Screw on the bottom until it is reasonably tight.

Step 3

Run water through the filter for 5 minutes. Now you can use your Pur filter until the "red line" says it's time to replace it again.