How to Starch Jeans

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Many people like wearing jeans because they are casual and comfortable. Some people prefer wearing starched jeans for a wrinkle-free and fitted look. Starched blue jeans also maintain creases and can look more dressed up or professional. Starched jeans tend to stay clean longer because dirt and grime stick to the starch instead of the denim, and you can wear the jeans several times before needing to wash them again.


Sending your jeans to the cleaners is one way to have starched jeans. If you prefer to reduce your laundry expenses, you can starch jeans at home. There are a few options for starching jeans, such as spraying liquid starch while you're ironing your jeans.

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Use Cornstarch to Starch Jeans

Cornstarch, which is often found in the kitchen pantry to thicken soups and sauces, can be used to stiffen denim and other garments. Cornstarch is an easy and affordable option to starch jeans instead of purchasing a store-bought liquid starch spray. You can create a liquid starch to spray on jeans before ironing for a creased look.


Make your own starch spray easily by combining 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with 2 cups of cold water in a bowl, stirring until the cornstarch is completely dissolved. Pour the starch mixture into a spray bottle using a funnel. Since the cornstarch will tend to sink to the bottom of the spray bottle, remember to shake the bottle vigorously before each use.

How to Starch Jeans in the Washing Machine

One method to starch jeans is with the regular wash cycle in the washing machine. If you have several pairs of jeans that you want to starch, this can be an easy and convenient option to wash and starch them simultaneously.


  1. Place your jeans in the washing machine and set the cold or warm water cycle.

  2. Add laundry detergent

    as you would for a typical load. During the rinse cycle, add liquid starch instead of fabric softener.

  3. When the washing cycle is complete, hang your jeans to dry on a clothesline or put them in the dryer.

  4. The jeans should be stiff and starched. If you'd like them to be more creased, you can iron them.


How to Starch Jeans by Ironing

Another option for starching jeans involves getting out the ironing board and iron and using a liquid starch spray. Once you finish ironing, you can wear your jeans immediately or put them away in your closet or drawer.

  1. Wash and dry your jeans as you normally would and then lay the jeans flat on an ironing board.

  2. Shake the liquid starch bottle before spraying. Starting with small sections, such as the waistband and around the zipper, spray the jeans with starch spray so they are slightly damp. Let it sit for a minute or two before ironing.

  3. Iron the body of the jeans and continue with the legs until the jeans are completely ironed.



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