How to Set a Permanent Crease in Jeans

In the South, one of the marks of a true cowboy is a pair of jeans so creased and starched they can stand up on their own. Create a crease and repeat the process for a permanently creased look. Crease Wrangler jeans, which cowboys consider the ultimate jean, or another popular brand such as Levi's. Slip your crispy creased jeans on with a pair of boots and you'll be ready to step out like a cowboy.

Iron a permanent crease in your jeans.

Step 1

Wash the jeans. Do this on the high heat setting, and put them into the dryer on high heat as well. This will shrink the jeans a little bit, which is better for this type of jean.

Step 2

Take the jeans out of the dryer before the cycle is complete. Putting a crease into the jeans is easier when the jeans are still slightly damp.

Step 3

Fold the jeans to begin creating the crease. The crease should go exactly down the center of the legs. Fold the jeans, perfectly matching the sides and cuffs to get exact creases. Make sure the crease breaks down the middle of each knee.

Step 4

Lay the jeans on the ironing board and fire the iron up to high heat. Iron over the creases you've created. Use a heavy hand to set the crease.

Step 5

Starch the jeans like a Texan would. Spray a heavy amount of the starch onto the legs of the jeans where the creases are. Run the hot iron over the creases several times, pressing down to make a permanent crease.

Step 6

Wash and iron the jeans to keep the crease sharp. Starch is optional depending on your preference.