How to Remove Pink From White Clothing When Bleach Has Failed

There is nothing worse than a red sock getting into the white clothes and turning the entire load a pale shade of pink. In some cases, bleach will remove the pink color, but it can take a long time or it might not always work effectively. When bleach does not work or there is not enough time to soak the item in bleach for a few days, there are other options to remove the pink stains.


Step 1

Fill a tub or sink with boiling hot water. Hot water will remove the stains faster than cold water. Pour about ½ cup or so of an oxygen cleaning agent into the water and mix it.

Step 2

Place the white clothing into the tub or sink and cover it. Soak the clothing overnight. Removing dye stains requires taking time to soak the stains out of the clothing.

Step 3

Remove the clothing and rinse out any excess soap. Look over the item to look for pink dye. Sometimes more soaking is required if the color of the stain was dark. Light colors should not require more time.

Step 4

Place the clothing into the wash. Clean it with regular detergent or cleaning agents.

Step 5

Air dry the clothing. If any stain remains on the white clothing, the heat from the drier will cause it to set in the fabric, which makes it harder to get out. Upon drying, look for any remaining dye. Sometimes very pale stains will not show while wet. If the clothing still has some pink, soak it one more day and clean it again to remove the remaining dye.