How to Use OxiClean Alone in the Laundry

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Clean your laundry with OxiClean.

OxiClean is a product made of oxygen bleach and is designed to clean a variety of things around the home. Unlike chlorine bleach, OxiClean uses oxygen ions to safely clean and brighten clothes without risk of damaging colored clothing. OxiClean has enough cleaning power to use alone in the washing machine, allowing you to eliminate your basic laundry detergent.

Step 1

Pretreat your laundry with an OxiClean stain lifter. These items are available in powder and spray form as well as a stain stick, and all are available at most supermarkets. The varieties work similarly to remove stains, so use whichever you are most comfortable with. Powders can be worked into the stain with damp fingers. The spray can be used to heavily saturate the stain, and the stain stick can be rubbed directly onto the stain. Let the treatment penetrate the stain for about 30 minutes before washing.

Step 2

Turn on the washing machine using your regular load size and water temperature. For only a few items, choose a small load size. If you plan to wash a load of towels or other bulky items, choose a large load size. Warm water is typically a safe temperature setting, but use cold water if the washing instructions tag on your garments recommends this.

Step 3

Pour in the recommended portion of OxiClean as labeled on the bottle. For large load sizes, use one full cap of the cleaner. For small and medium loads, use about 1/2 capful.

Step 4

Place your garments in the washing machine when the water fills about 3 inches, and allow the washing machine to complete the wash cycle. Dry the items as you normally would. OxiClean works as both a cleaner and stain lifter, allowing you to quickly clean the laundry without the use of any other laundry products.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

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