How to Add Liquid Starch to the Final Rinse Cycle in a Washing Machine

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Save time ironing by adding liquid starch to the washer.

Adding a little liquid starch to your washing machine for the final rinse cycle can help prepare wrinkly fabrics for a hot iron. Infusing clothing with liquid starch at the end of the wash cycle makes it easier to get flat, wrinkle-free panes and straight creases while ironing. Using the liquid starch technique in the final rinse cycle of your machine can save you the time of spraying starch onto each individual clothing item during the ironing process.


Step 1

Run a load of laundry through a full wash and rinse cycle in the washing machine.

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Step 2

Reset the dial on the washing machine when the load has finished for a second run through the final rinse cycle. Set washing machines with a load size or water level setting for just enough water to cover the load of clothing.


Step 3

Shake a bottle of liquid starch vigorously for five seconds so it is evenly mixed.

Step 4

Lift the washing machine's lid and pour a cup and a half of liquid starch into a measuring cup before dumping it directly onto the clothes.

Step 5

Close the washing machine lid and allow the second final rinse cycle to complete.

Step 6

Hang the clothes to air-dry for an hour or more. You can iron them when they are completely dry or while they are still slightly damp.



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