How to Troubleshoot an LG Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

Like all other household electronics, when used frequently or improperly, microwave ovens can exhibit technical problems. Don't let an unresponsive appliance stop you from enjoying your favorite dish. Avoid calling in the LG service technicians by taking time to familiarize yourself with the microwave. Troubleshoot most common issues yourself, with ease.

A functioning microwave beats an unresponsive one

Microwave and Internal Light Do Not Work

Step 1

Check your main fuse box and make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped. Reset the circuit by flipping the breaker off and on again.

Step 2

Ensure that your microwave is properly plugged in to a dedicated outlet. If it is, unplug the appliance and try another outlet.

Step 3

Locate the internal lightbulb and make sure it is screwed in properly and that it is not defective. Replace with another recommended LG lightbulb if need be.

Microwave Does Not Cook or Cooks Incorrectly

Step 4

Make sure the microwave door is firmly closed. Do not use dishes that are too large for the appliance.

Step 5

Set the correct cook time and press the "Start" button. Press "Clear" and try again if the microwave will not start. Be sure not to use the "Timer" function when attempting to cook.

Step 6

Select the correct power level if your food seems over- or undercooked.

Step 7

Follow all recipes and directions closely. Make sure proper dishes and cooking times are selected.

Step 8

Defrost all food before cooking. Frozen foods will not cook evenly.

Microwave Emits Sparks

Step 9

Use only microwave-safe dishes and containers.

Step 10

Never place twist ties or other metal fasteners in your LG Over-the-Range microwave.

Step 11

Do not operate the appliance when it is empty.

Step 12

Check the metal microwave oven rack. All four corners must be correctly seated on plastic supports.