How to Use an Emerson Microwave

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It is easy to use a microwave.
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Some Emerson microwave instructions depend on the specific model of your appliance, while other instructions are the same among different models. For example, an Emerson 700 watt microwave manual contains different use and care instructions than a larger Emerson 1100 watt appliance that has more features. But their common ground is that they're made by the same manufacturer with some shared features.

Emerson Microwave Instructions for Safety

There are numerous safety precautions in Emerson microwave instructions, regardless of the model. Emerson microwaves should only be connected to a grounded outlet by an undamaged power cord. Cords and outlets should not be located near the kitchen sink, immersed in water or near heated surfaces.

Cook without using paper towels to cover your food, because the paper may ignite, and avoid using a microwave oven to dry clothing, newspapers or other nonfood items that can also ignite. Even some recycled paper products and waxed paper may contain metal flecks that can ignite.

If a fire starts in the oven, do not open the door. Press the Stop/Clear button and disconnect the power cord or shut off the power at the fuse box or breaker panel.

Emerson Microwave Instructions General Use

Operate an Emerson microwave only if food is in the oven. Running the appliance when it's empty will reflect unused microwave energy without having food to absorb it properly. It's better to undercook food instead of overcooking it. If it's overcooked, it may not be palatable. But if it's undercooked, you can always return it to the microwave to finish cooking it.

If you're cooking a small portion of food or something with low moisture content, the food may dry out, burn or even catch fire if you cook it too long. Stir liquids before heating them to mix in air, which helps prevent the liquid from erupting and splattering in the microwave. An Emerson microwave is not designed for boiling eggs, which can explode from the internal pressure.

Emerson Microwave Instructions Model-Specific Use

Some models have grilling features such as the 1100W microwave oven and grill model. Be sure to follow Emerson 1100w microwave oven and grill recipes closely to use the grill features safely.

When you're grilling food, use the grill rack that's provided with the appliance and not a substitute rack. This rack is designed to be placed on the turntable for grilling or combination microwave-grilling, not for microwave-only cooking. For example, when cooking frozen pizza and some meats, you can use the auto cook function for a combination of grilling and microwave cooking.

Using Microwave Utensils and Containers

Avoid using metal utensils, cooking containers, twist ties and dishes with metal rims. Only use microwave-safe utensils and containers. Before cooking or defrosting in your Emerson microwave, remove all plastic store wraps.

Some foam trays that hold packaged meat contain thin metal strips embedded on the bottom and should not be used. Otherwise, the metal can burn the oven floor.

Sealed jars and narrow-necked bottles may shatter if you cook or reheat food in them. Emerson microwaves are also not designed for home canning.

Using Emerson Microwave for Cooking

Consult your user manual for proper Emerson microwave power settings for your model as well as other control panel settings, such as the clock, defrost and kitchen timer, as different models vary. Instructions also note how to cook in one stage or two stages.

The auto cook setting allows you to choose automatically set times for common items, including popcorn, pizza and potatoes. When making popcorn, use microwave-safe popcorn bags or poppers instead of paper bags.


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