Emerson manufactures several models of microwave ovens for home use. Each model has different features to fit users' needs. Though many of the features are different from model to model, the basic cooking options are common among most models. Before cooking with your microwave oven, check if your microwave has a "Cook" button. The directions for cooking vary in models that have a "Cook" button and those that do not.

Microwave with "Cook" Button

Step 1

Press the "Cook" button. The current time will disappear and the LCD will be blank.

Step 2

Enter the cooking time using the number pad.

Step 3

Push the "Power" button and the number of the power level desired for cooking. The number you enter translates to a percentage of the microwave's full power. If you press "5," the microwave will operate at 50% of full power. If you want to use full power, skip this step.

Step 4

Begin cooking by pressing the "Start" button.

Microwave without "Cook" Button

Step 5

Press the "Power" button. The LCD will display "P10," which indicates a full power setting.

Step 6

Change the percentage of the power setting by repeatedly pressing the "Power" button. For example, the second time you press the "Power" button the display will show "P9." This indicates the microwave will work at 90% of full power.

Step 7

Set the cooking time by entering the time with the number keypad.

Step 8

Press the "Start" button to begin cooking.