How to Remove a Laminate Backsplash

Removing a backsplash may not be as easy as it sounds. The degree of difficulty required to take down a laminate backsplash depends on the installation technique used. If the laminate is attached to the wall with construction adhesive or glue, you have to work hard to pry the backsplash away from the wall. In other instances, plywood is drilled to the wall, then the laminate backsplash is glued to the top of the plywood. That's more difficult to remove because you can't access the screws to remove the plywood from the wall. Expect a tedious, messy project when you remove a laminate backsplash.

High angle view of kitchen sink by tiled wall
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Pull the Laminate

Step 1

Slide a flexible putty knife between the laminate backsplash and the wall.

Step 2

Tap the end of the putty knife with a hammer to drive it as far behind the backsplash as possible.

Step 3

Use a generous amount of force to pry the laminate backsplash away from the wall.

Step 4

Insert the putty knife behind the backsplash again, and repeat the above steps until you remove the backsplash.

Dissolve the Glue

Step 5

Peel back loose portions of the laminate backsplash or pry some of the backsplash away from the wall using the method explained in Section 1.

Step 6

Apply a glue-dissolving solvent to the area between the backsplash and the wall. Allow the solvent to sit according to the manufacturer instructions.

Step 7

Peel more of the laminate backsplash away as the glue begins to dissolve, exposing more glue that you need to treat with the solvent.

Step 8

Repeat these steps until you remove the laminate backsplash.

Saw the Backsplash

Step 9

Set the blade on your circular saw to cut the exact thickness as your backsplash. You may cut screws drill into the plywood when you saw your laminate backsplash, so use a carbide-toothed blade.

Step 10

Make a cut down the middle of the laminate backsplash, then try to pry the backsplash away from the wall.

Step 11

Continue cutting your backsplash into smaller pieces until you can pry away all of the laminate backsplash.