How to Remodel Your Garage Into a Bedroom

A garage can be transformed into a bedroom in a relatively short period of time. Because the roof area and walls are in place, there is plenty of surface to begin your project. By planning all the steps in detail, you can enclose and finish the space for a bedroom in roughly two weeks. Additionally, take time to plan how the transformation will affect the outside of your home: Ideally, you will want to finish the exterior of your home to cover the area where the garage door was.

Empty garage
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Step 1

Sketch the area of the garage you wish to enclose for a bedroom. Include room for a small hallway to lead into the kitchen or another section of your home. Make room in the bedroom plan for a closet and bathroom, if possible. Determine whether plumbing for the bathroom is available from an adjoining kitchen or bathroom wall. If not, find an alternate route for plumbing access.

Step 2

Dismantle the garage door and its tracking system and remove it from the area. Build framework to enclose the new bedroom area and enclose the exterior space where the garage door was. Build framework for a closet. Plan for wire or wooden shelving in the new closet.

Step 3

Insulate the interior perimeter walls of the bedroom space and run electric wiring for new outlets. Install wiring for the room's light fixtures. Determine whether your home's present heating and cooling system can be vented into the bedroom area. Look for ways to run ductwork from a kitchen area or another bedroom through the ceiling or a closet area. If you can't vent heat and air, buy an electric radiator heater for the new bedroom.

Step 4

Drywall the bedroom ceiling and walls, plus the adjoining bathroom space. Place double insulation between the ceiling joists to save on heating and cooling costs. Finish the drywall with joint compound and sand for painting. Paint the walls with flat or semi-gloss paint.

Step 5

Finish off the closet space and bathroom area, if you've included one. Install crown molding around the ceiling perimeter of the bedroom. Install wood molding in appropriate places. Paint the woodwork with semi-gloss or high-gloss paint. Install wood flooring, tile or carpet in the bedroom. Hook up all electric light fixtures and install outlet covers. Install blinds over the windows for privacy.

Step 6

Finish the exterior of the home where the garage door originally was placed.