How to Make an Enclosed Room in Your Garage

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Stud sensor

  • Wood pencil

  • Wood saw

  • 2x4 studs

  • 3 in. nails

  • Hammer

  • Paneling sheets

  • Door with frame

  • Door handle kit

  • Screwdriver


Consider adding trim to the door frame to give it a more polished appearance. If the room will be used in cold weather, in an unheated garage, consider adding insulation in the space between the wall studs.


The panel-covered walls are not as puncture-resistant as drywall would be, so be sure that any items affixed to the wall are nailed or screwed through the paneling to a stud.

Want to add extra utility to your home? An enclosed room inside of a spacious garage can serve as a workshop, storage area or hobby room. These enclosed rooms in your garage add value to your property and bring extra order out of the chaos of a large and open garage. Building an enclosed room is simple and inexpensive.


Step 1

Measure the area intended for the enclosed room. It is preferable to avoid the hassle of re-wiring, so locate the room in an area with electrical access and an overhead light already installed. Plan the room so that the two new walls join the garage's exterior walls at a stud. Use a stud sensor to locate the wall studs, and mark them with a pencil.


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Step 2

Build the frame for one of the two new walls for the enclosed room. Cut the 2x4 studs to create a frame that is rectangular on all four sides, with vertical support studs 18 inches apart. Use 3-inch nails (two per stud) to secure the frame. The frame should reach from the floor to the ceiling.


Step 3

Build the frame for the second wall in a similar fashion, but leave a framed hole matching the dimensions of the door with its frame. There should not be a stud along the floor where the door will be located, unless there is a deliberate reason for elevating the door.

Step 4

Lift one wall and slide it into place. Using 3-inch nails, nail the frame to the wall at a stud. If possible, secure the top of the frame to the ceiling or rafters using 3-inch nails as well.


Step 5

Lift the second wall and put it into position. Secure it to the exterior wall using 3-inch nails, then nail the frame to the open end of the other new wall frame.

Step 6

Apply paneling to both sides of the newly framed walls. Cut to fit. The pieces should lay flush against each other with no overlap. Use 1-inch paneling nails for this purpose.


Step 7

Insert a door into the frame. Nail the door frame into the slot in the wall. Ensure the door is level and swings freely on its hinges before securing it to the wall studs.

Step 8

Install the hardware for the door handle, according to the manufacturer's instructions.