There are several benefits to burning pellets in a wood stove instead of wood logs, the most obvious one being the lightness of the pellets. Another is the convenience of the pellets. You can buy them in a clean bag and then use a small shovel to fill the stove as opposed to lifting logs that might carry bugs, sawdust or dirt on its way into the wood stove.

Wood Stove Burning Pellets

Step 1

Empty out your stove of all the ashes and heatproof bricks or cast iron grills that you use to stack your wood on, if any. This is a great time to call in the chimney guy and get your chimney cleaned of any creosote buildup and soot. He may recommend a metal insert, depending on the age of your chimney.

Step 2

Measure the inside of your wood stove's burning compartment. You will need the width, depth and height. Write these measurements down and go to the website for the Prometheus wood stove insert. You will find several models to choose from, depending on your measurements. Either order through their website or call at the number listed if you would rather work through a person.

Step 3

Unpack the insert, making sure that everything looks good and that the insert is in perfect condition. Open the wood stove and carefully set the insert into your wood burning compartment. Fill the pellet basket with 5 to 10 pounds of pellets. Open any flues and vents for the best airflow.

Step 4

Place a couple of fireplace starter logs under the basket and light them. In a regular pellet stove this would not be necessary, but since the wood stove is designed to burn wood it will need extra help in igniting the pellets. Light the logs as usual. After about 30 minutes, the pellets should be burning on their own and the stove vents can be adjusted as desired for more or less heat.

Step 5

Add a few scoops of pellets every few hours, depending on how hot of a fire you have going. Some people also like to add a portion of corn in with their wood pellets. At any time, the pellet basket can be removed to return to burning regular wood.