How to Level a Stove Range

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An off-kilter stove range can be very annoying and potentially dangerous. If your whole stove rocks back and forth when you stir the contents of your pots and pans or if your stove range is tilted, you probably have a range that needs to be leveled. The best way to accomplish this is to level the entire stove; many have adjustable legs with screw threads. If your stove is not equipped with such screws, there is still hope for eliminating the wobble.


Step 1

Place a spirit level -- also known as a bubble level -- on top of the stove parallel with its front. Measure the levelness right-to-left, then place the level perpendicular to the front of the stove to measure back-to-front levelness.


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Step 2

Adjust the spirit level to see which way your stove needs to be raised or lowered. Note the amount of adjustment that needs to be made.


Step 3

Screw or unscrew the adjustable legs on your stove with a crescent wrench or another heavy-duty adjustable wrench. If your stove does not have screws, lift the stove with assistance and place shims or washers under the corner of the stove that needs to be raised.


Step 4

Recheck the levelness of the stove with the spirit level, and make further adjustments as necessary.



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