How Do I Set the Chimes on a Seth Thomas Mantel Clock?

Because of their classic design and precise workmanship, Seth Thomas chiming mantel clocks are sought after collector's pieces. Seth Tomas started making masterfully crafted grandfather clocks in 1813, and went on to produce a variety of timepieces from ornate table clocks, to tower clocks, such as the one gracing Grand Central Station in New York. Although Seth Thomas mantle clocks are renowned for their accuracy, their only drawback is that the chiming mechanism occasionally slips out of synchronization and needs to be reset by hand.

If the chimes on your Seth Thomas mantel clock slip, you can synchronize them easily.

Step 1

Open the glass faceplate and move the minute hand to the half-past position to check that the half-hour chime is working.

Step 2

Move the minute hand to the 12 o-clock position and count the number of chimes. For example, if the hour hand is set to 12 and the clock strikes nine, you need to advance the chimes by three hours.

Step 3

Adjust the minute hand to 2 minutes before half-past and then move it back to the 10-minute mark to set up the chiming mechanism.

Step 4

Move the minute hand to 2 minutes before half-past once more and then back to 10 past and the clock will strike 10 times.

Step 5

Repeat these actions twice more to advance the striking mechanism another two hours to synchronize the chimes.