How to Unlock a Dead Bolt Without a Key

There may come a time when you will have to open the dead bolt lock on a door but you do not have your key. There are various ways of getting the lock opened even if you do not have the key. Although the deadbolt is a strong backup to the standard lock, you can usually find a way to get into the lock itself. There are three good ways to unlock the dead bolt.

Opening a dead bolt lock

Step 1

Inspect the lock to make sure there are no obstructions in the actual key hole. You will need a torque tool and pick tool for this job. Place the torque tool in the lower half of the dead bolt lock. Take the pick tool and insert it in the top part of the lock and begin to twist slightly to one side of the dead bolt. Most deadbolt locks have a standard five-pin cylinder, the same type of mechanisms found on a spring-bolt lock. Maneuver the pick tool back and forth along tumblers until you feel the lock catch and it should open.

Step 2

Insert a bump key slowly into the dead bolt. A bump key is a special key that is in the same shape as the lock's normal key but with the teeth filed down completely. You simply push the key into the lock and move it up and down, even shaking it side to side in the lock until it bumps the locking mechanism and triggers it into opening. Another method is to push the bump key into the lock and tap the key firmly on its top. The force of the hit should be hard in order to jounce the key upward. This can also help trigger the lock and open it. Be careful not to break the key off into the lock.

Step 3

Fit the proper drill bit, either 1/4 to 1/2 inch, into the drill head and lock it down. Point the end of the drill bit into the center of the dead bolt and begin to drill. Apply pressure to the end of the drill as you start so you get penetration. The drill should be revving at high revolution per minutes for maximum effect. After a few minutes, the drill should push right through the lock and it will open.