Locks are often rekeyed so that all the doors on a house match and use the same keys. This is done for convenience and to make it easier on homeowners. Rekeying a Defiant lock follows the same procedures as rekeying any other type of lock and it can be accomplished in just a few minutes with the proper rekeying kit.


Step 1

Insert the wire tool provided with the Defiant lock rekeying kit into the hole in the door knob and push down to release the clip and remove the knob from the door. Insert the original key into the lock and turn it until it is unlocked to remove the doorknob and lock cylinder.

Step 2

Slide the provided retainer ring tool over the retainer ring to remove the ring from the cylinder. Insert the old key once again and turn it in either direction. Push the provided plug follower through the cylinder to remove the plug, being careful to keep pressure on the plug so the pins and springs do not fall out.

Step 3

Dump the old pins out of the cylinder and match the new pins to the colors provided on the instruction sheet. Pick up the correct color pins out of the rekeying kit with tweezers. Drop them into the correct spot one by one. Test the new key after each pin to verify that it is still turning and working properly.

Step 4

Insert all five pins and turn the lock back and forth to make sure the correct pins have been installed. Re-assemble the lock by working in the reverse order that it was taken apart. Insert the cylinder plug back into the cylinder. Connect the retainer ring back to the cylinder and put the doorknob and lock cylinder back together.