How to Replace a Lost Key to a House Door

Losing keys can be a frustrating experience, especially if there are no spares inside or neighbors with a spare. It can also be a matter of security to find the best and most efficient way to replace a lost house key to ensure the missing key doesn't fall into the hands of criminals. Therefore, make quick work of choosing one of these methods to resolve your missing key issue and keep your home safe and secure.

Step 1

Unlock the door from the inside. If it has a deadbolt and a handle lock, move both of them to the open or unlocked position before removing the doorknob.

Step 2

Remove the doorknob by unscrewing the bolts or screws on the lock, usually located on one side of the door but not the other. First unscrew the bolts that hold the doorknob to the face of the door. If necessary, also remove the doorjamb plate that holds the locking mechanism in place. If you have a deadbolt lock and handle lock that use the same key, remove both of them.

Step 3

Take your doorknob and/or deadbolt to a locksmith or hardware store that makes keys. Ask for the service of "re-keying" the lock. This will allow you to use the same doorknob hardware, but makes the lost key useless in this re-keyed lock.

Step 4

Hire a locksmith to do a house call and re-key your locks if you have several door locks that all operate with the missing key.

Step 5

Make at least three copies of the new key. Keep one on your key ring, give one to a trustworthy friend or neighbor and leave one hidden in your car or in an outside safe location that only you know.