The AccuBake feature is found on several models of free-standing and built -n ovens from veteran appliance manufacturer Whirlpool. This convenient electronic feature cycles the broiling and baking elements on and off automatically to maintain ideal cooking temperatures and conditions during pre-heating as well as when you bake or broil food. Whirlpool Accu-Bake ovens are properly calibrated to exact temperature standards. However, just as some people set their watches fast or slow, you may want to set your AccuBake oven to cook a bit hotter or cooler than the factory-set temperature. You can easily calibrate your oven as you wish.

Unlike older dials, the controls of Whirlpool AccuBake ovens are fully digital and electronic.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Bake" button on your gas oven control panel, or the "Oven Light" button on your electric oven control panel. The control panel is located at the top of your free-standing range between the burners and the oven door or at the top of your built-in oven.

Step 2

Wait five seconds until the display shows the present setting, such as "0 F CAL" or "00." Press the "Temp/time" plus (+) or minus (-) key until you reach the hot or cold temperature offset that you want, up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in either direction. For instance, if you want the oven to cook 10 degrees colder, you would press the minus (-) key until "-10 F CAL" or "-10" appears in the display. Note that gas ovens allow you to calibrate temperature in five-degree Fahrenheit increments, whereas electric ovens allow for 10-degree increments.

Step 3

Press the "Start" key to save your settings. Use your oven as you normally would. Re-calibrate the oven at any time as you wish.