How to Get Flushed Keys Out of the Toilet

Keys and other small objects can easily be flushed down the toilet by accident or by children. This can lead to a panic as you try to find your spare keys while you worry the old set will result in a clogged toilet. The U-bend is the only real safeguard against items being flushed as there is no outside grate to collect debris. It is possible to retrieve your keys from a flushed toilet, but the job may not be especially pleasant.

Heavy items flushed down the toilet stand a better chance of being recovered.

Step 1

Fashion a hook out of a wire coat hanger. Feed it into the toilet and sweep around the U-bend until you locate the keys. Hook the keyring with the end of the coat hanger and pull the keys from the toilet.

Step 2

Place a bucket underneath the U-bend connecting the plumbing to the toilet bowl.

Step 3

Wrap a towel around the plastic connectors. Unscrew the connectors slightly until water starts to flow out of the system. Loosen the connectors with a wrench, if necessary.

Step 4

Let the U-bend drop into the bucket. Inspect the U-bend for the lost keys.

Step 5

Drain the water from the toilet into the bucket. Check the bucket for the flushed keys, if you did not find them in the U-bend.