The Top Home Improvement Projects Homeowners Are Tackling for Summer

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Forget buying a new abode — this summer, it's all about home renovations. According to research by home improvement website Thumbtack, 48% of homeowners plan to spend $10,000 or more on home projects this year.


Where are they putting that money? Thumbtack has also shared the most popular home improvement projects this year.

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Exterior Home Improvement Projects

As we move toward summer, it should come as little surprise that people are upgrading their outdoor spaces. Thumbtack reports that the most popular projects (and their respective costs) are:

  1. Landscaping and design:‌ $1,034-$5,720 on average
  2. Tree removal and trimming:‌ $400-$2,839 on average
  3. Gate and fence installations:‌ $5,206-$7,000 on average
  4. Concrete installations:‌ $3-$10 per square foot on average
  5. Exterior house painting:‌ $3,014-$8,117 (for a 2,500-square-foot home) on average
  6. Gardening:‌ $50–65 per hour on average
  7. Deck and porch remodel or addition:‌ $2,925-$15,329 on average
  8. Gazebo installations and construction:‌ $202-$1,500 on average
  9. Sod installations:‌ $1,568-$2,409 (for 2,500 square feet) on average
  10. Play equipment construction and assembly:‌ $350–$850 on average


Interior Home Improvement Projects

Inside the house, homeowners are ready for easy refreshes. The top 10 projects, according to Thumbtack, are:

  1. Interior painting‌‌:‌ $5,401-$24,282 (for 1,400–2,800 square feet) on average
  2. Flooring installations:‌ $1,583-$7,101 on average
  3. Switch and outlet installations:‌ $175-$260 on average
  4. Lighting installations:‌ $150-$225 on average
  5. Door installations:‌ $250-$350 on average
  6. Tile installations:‌ $750-$4,000 on average
  7. Bathroom remodels:‌ $9,809-$18,640 (for a 40-square-foot full bath) on average
  8. Appliance installations:‌ $120-$150 on average
  9. Home remodeling services:‌ $2,500-$30,500 (depending on scope) on average
  10. Wallpaper installations:‌ $350-$1,250 on average


Accommodations for Aging

Given the current real estate market, adults are updating their current homes for "aging in place," rather than downsizing into a new, more accessible home. Those updates include adding ramps and grab bars in a bathroom, widening doorways, adding handrails, and changing cabinet or countertop heights.



Overall, home modifications for accessibility are up 238% year-over-year, and Thumbtack has seen that trend continuing to rise over the past three months.

Weather Repairs and Climate Change Updates

It's been a wild year for weather, thanks to climate change, so homeowners are making repairs and preparing for the future. Thumbtack has noted an uptick in water damage repair and cleanup projects, generator installations, and water treatment system installations.


Plus, sustainability is on the rise. Energy efficiency is key, so solar panel installations (which can save you up to $2,500 a year on your energy bill), along with insulation upgrades and installations, are trending.

General Pre-Summer Maintenance

Owning a home requires a fair bit of maintenance, and homeowners are constantly tackling those projects. Preparing for this summer is no exception! Common tasks homeowners are currently tackling include:


  1. House cleaning:‌ $164-$200 on average
  2. Lawn mowing and trimming:‌ $55-$70 per hour on average
  3. Junk removal:‌ $200-$600 on average
  4. Pressure washing:‌ $281–$850 on average
  5. Carpet cleaning:‌ $175-$400 on average
  6. Pest control services:‌ $125-$300 on average
  7. Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance:‌ $80-$200 per month on average
  8. Home organizing:‌ $150-$500 on average
  9. Gutter cleaning and maintenance:‌ $200-$500 on average
  10. Duct and vent cleaning:‌ $200-$860 on average

If you've been putting off preparing your home for the season to come, let this list serve as inspiration.



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