Miamicore Is the Quirky, Florida Version of Coastal Grandmother

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Beach-inspired fashion and decor are trending right now. Between coastal grandmother and coastal cowgirl, people are channeling their inner seaside vibes left and right. But what if the beachy aesthetic you're looking to embody is a little less nautical and a little more fun in the sun? Let us introduce you to Miamicore.


The term has just started making its way across TikTok, but we feel rather confident that it's here to stay. Think The Golden Girls, your chic and kind of quirky grandmother's Florida home, a mixture of pastels and bold tones with coastal accents that are a bit campy and fun — essentially, postmodern Miami decor. While Coastal Grandmother closely channels Diane Keaton in ‌Something's Gotta Give‌, Miamicore is more like your wacky retired aunt.

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It's honestly easier to show than to explain. To aid with that, here are some of our favorite pieces of furniture and accessories that scream "Miamicore."

Miamicore Furniture and Decor

Banana leaves on a light pink background embody this style.


Velvet light blue in a shell-like silhouette is a major yes.

Midcentury modern lighting is a must.

Go for colorful, beach-inspired accents.


A rattan frame plus floral upholstery is an obvious choice.

The more rattan the merrier.

We love a vintage moment.


Banana leaves on deck.

This mint green vanity is simply iconic.

This is giving Jonathan Adler for less.



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