This Dollar Tree Hack Will Organize Your Spice Drawer in Minutes

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There are few things more satisfying than an organized spice collection. However, buying the initial supplies can be costly — unless you go to Dollar Tree, of course. As one content creator recently proved, the store is a goldmine for spice drawer materials.


In a TikTok video, user @homegoodiys shows us how to turn plastic photo frames into spice drawer organizers. The first step is to place shelf liners in your drawer, which will help everything stay in place. You can also use a rug liner cut into a smaller sheet.


Next, put the horizontal picture frames in the drawer, so that the stand portion is along the top. This will create makeshift risers that allow you to lay your spice jars at an angle.

Specifically, @homegoodiys used the 4-by-6-inch Special Moments Freestanding Borderless Horizontal Plastic Photo Frame, which costs $1.25 each. The exact number you need depends on the size of your drawer. (For reference, she used six, then placed measuring spoons in the space in between the frames.)

BTW, it's important to use the 4-by-6-inch frames because the 4-inch height is the ideal size for most spice jars.


If you don't want to use shelf liners, another option is to use museum gel wax. This offers a more discrete solution for keeping the frames in place.

We love this idea for its adaptability and simplicity. For example, if you want to rehome your spices to a bigger or smaller drawer, you can easily reuse the frames without having to buy new organizers. Or if you decide to ditch the spice drawer completely, you can use the frames for something else.


Other Dollar Tree DIY ideas:

While you're at Dollar Tree, pick up a wire dish rack and turn it into a DIY wall organizer. It's perfect for storing mail, folders, and other papers and keeping your counter (or desk) free of clutter.



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