IKEA Just Released a New Kitchen Island That Can Be Used for Outdoor Cooking

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Spring is so close, we can taste it — and that will literally be the case if you take home IKEA's new Grillskär kitchen island. Released alongside the brand's spring outdoor arrivals for 2023, this isn't your average kitchen island. Instead, it was built for outdoor cooking, so you can enjoy some good eats and sunshine all at the same time.


Priced at $260, Grillskär features a slotted back panel that can be used for storage since it also comes with three containers and two hooks for hanging. Alternatively, IKEA adds that you can use this panel for decor, such as lights or hanging herb pots. Underneath the work surface, there are two shelves, one of which can be moved to fit whatever items you need to store.

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The outdoor kitchen island is made of stainless and galvanized steel with a polyester powder coating, so it is durable, resistant to rust, and easy to clean. To care for the piece, all you need to do is wipe it down with a cloth. For a deeper clean, you can also dampen the cloth with water and a mild dish soap.

If you don't have outdoor space for this island, IKEA states that it would also work well in a laundry room. The shelves and back panel can be used for storage, while the work surface can be utilized for folding laundry or spot-treating stains.

Regardless of how you use the Grillskär island, one thing is for sure: Spring is on its way.



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