7 Rimowa Suitcase Dupes That Give You Luxury for Less

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Of all things to trend in the past few years, the category to most surprise us has been luggage. So long are the days of a random, half-off suitcase from T.J.Maxx — today, some carry-ons are as covetable as designer bags. From TikTok, where self-weighing bags dominate, to Instagram, where colorful luggage constantly pops up in your feed, suitcases have become not just a travel necessity but a want — and there's one that's at the top of almost everyone's list: Rimowa.

Rimowa has made a name for itself in the world of luggage thanks to a sturdy, anodized aluminum casing; TSA-friendly locks; dividers that allow you to expertly pack while holding belongings in place during travel; and the brand's Multiwheel System that makes steering a second thought. But as well known as it is for its designs, it is also known for its prices; the brand's original carry-on is $1,400. Fortunately, there are other remarkably similar options on the market for a fraction of the price.

We found seven Rimowa suitcase dupes, including picks from Away and Monos, with prices starting at just $137.

‌‌‌(Note: If you can support the original maker, we are always in favor of that, but if you're not able to splurge right now, here are our favorite budget buys.)

Up there with Rimowa in the conversation about popular luggage brands is Away, whose minimalist designs and unique colorways have made the brand an instant favorite among travelers. The Aluminum Edition of its popular carry-on features an aluminum hard shell, 360-degree wheels, TSA-approved locks, and a compression pad that makes extra space for more items. Another feature we love is the leather-trimmed handles that are designed to gently fall to the side of the bag thanks to a slow-release spring, making movement clank-free.

This option, which you can grab on Amazon, features a 100% aluminum-magnesium alloy hard shell, which makes it sturdy and high-temperature-resistant. It also has 360-degree wheels, TSA locks, and an unlimited lifetime warranty. One shopper called this, "The most solid case [they've] ever bought," and another, who notes that this easily fits a weekend's worth of clothes, loves how "the handles slowly fold back down when not in use, keeping them from flapping around."


Monos merged aluminum and polycarbonate luggage for the beloved Hybrid Carry-On Plus. The shell is polycarbonate, which has become a luggage staple for its durability and scratch and water resistance, and the frame and corner guards are made of aluminum. It also comes with a lifetime warranty (a nice bonus when you're spending this much on luggage), an antimicrobial interior, and, of course, TSA-friendly locks and 360-degree wheels.

This is a great option for someone wanting the features of the Rimowa suitcase without needing the ultra high-end materials. Rather than being made entirely out of an anodized aluminum casing, it combines polycarbonate with an aluminum frame, similar to the option from Monos. This pick, however, only comes with a three-year warranty, though it is notably more affordable than both Rimowa (well, duh) and Monos.

Calpak's polycarbonate suitcase is, per customers, high quality and "like Rimowa!" The locks are TSA-approved, the wheels offer 360-degree mobility, and compression straps allow for a little extra packing. However, what sets this apart, in our opinion, is its ability to expand up to 2 inches. For those who tend to return home with more than they left with, this is an essential — though often overlooked — suitcase feature. Plus, the large ‌checked bag‌ is only $275, a literal fraction of Rimowa's ‌carry-on‌.


If you want bang for your buck, look no further than this set from Hikolayae, which includes three hard-shell suitcases made out of ABS material, which offers impact and heat resistance. While it might not have the aluminum casing that's made Rimowa luggage so popular, it does include TSA-approved locks and dynamic, 360-degree wheels. According to one shopper, "These suitcases aren't too heavy [and] we absolutely love how easy it is to lift," adding, "The wheels run smoothly even on not so smooth sidewalks."

This dupe is made with an aluminum alloy hard-shell exterior, has a zipperless closure like Rimowa's, has TSA-approved combination locks, and has 360-degree wheels that, unlike other options, are actually detachable. One shopper who took this on an international trip wrote, "It is a great product, very well built, and … holds a surprising amount of stuff for being a true carry-on size," which they attribute in part to individual dividers that keep contents compact and in place.


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